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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Letter to Patients

Dear Patients,

As you know coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a tremendous impact on the world. During this difficult time we must act responsibly for the greater good of our community.

With news reports about the COVID-19 pandemic changing daily, it is understandable to feel concerned and even a bit anxious. I want to assure you that CGC is prepared to keep you safe, while still addressing your medical needs.

I have made the decision to shift from in office visits to telemedicine visits temporarily. Some of you may ask what is a telemedicine visit? A telemedicine visit, will allow you to do a consult or follow up via telephone or video chat with a medical provider.

Due to the global pandemic, I am urging my patients to limit trips to the emergency room and urgent care centers. It is vital for the health of the community to minimize the use of resources that are needed for more critically ill patients.

Treat our new telemedicine health practice like a virtual urgent care for gynecological related is-sues. My staff and I will help manage your health concerns, while avoiding unnecessary expo-sure. In the event that you develop a gynecological condition, please contact our office as usual and my staff will help you set up an appointment, just as you would with an office visit. At this time we are providing discounted rates to serve our community. You may contact my office for more details. Also, if you are a resident in California, we are able to consult with you as well given license in that state.

We strongly encourage our patients to take advantage of this opportunity to decrease the risk of COVID-19 exposure. Our goal at CGC is to help you and your family remain healthy and safe. Please call (312) 574 – 3434 to book your telemedicine appointment. We are just a call or click away!

Thank you