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Closing the Orgasm Gap: With Dr. Laurie Mintz

Closing the Orgasm Gap: With Dr. Laurie Mintz

In today’s eye-opening episode, we tackle and discuss the orgasm gap. I talk with Dr. Laurie Mintz, who passionately discusses her work to inform and empower women, sharing her journey from personal struggle to becoming a key advocate for sexual health education. 

We’re also breaking down myths about orgasms and debunking media lies that leave many feeling inadequate. Sex should be a source of joy, but for too many, it’s a wellspring of frustration. 

Whether it’s societal pressures, poor communication, or a simple lack of understanding, we’re here to peel back the layers of complexity. From discussing the pivotal role of clitoral stimulation to addressing the efficacy of the PLISSIT model in sex therapy, we’ve got a lot to cover.

Dr. Mintz gives practical steps we can all take toward achieving a more fulfilling sex life. 

So, whether you’re someone who’s faced challenges in the bedroom or just looking to learn more, this episode is packed with scientific insights, heartfelt advice, and actionable tips. 


-Dr. Laurie Mintz’s Personal Journey

Her encounters with sexual desire issues. Her shift to research and advocacy in sexual health.

-Demystifying Female Orgasms 

Clarifications about the nature and attainability of orgasms for women and the media myths versus reality.

-Sex Education Disparities 

The contrast in sex education between boys and girls. The focus is on ejaculation vs period.

-Addressing the Orgasm Gap

 Statistics of the orgasm gap between cisgender men and women. Clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration are both elements for satisfying sex.

-Communication and Satisfaction in Sex

The role of partner communication for sexual satisfaction.Tackling orgasm dysfunction and cultural norms. 

-Counterproductive Outcomes of Faking Orgasms

How pretending to have orgasms maintains misunderstanding.


AASECT and the Society for Sex Therapy

PLISST Model for Sex Therapy

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