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Not just another health podcast

Not just another health podcast

Growing up as the daughter of Pakistani immigrants in the South, I was constantly torn between the expectations of my heritage and the opportunities of my future.

Through my own journey, from grappling with the dynamics of cultural identity to forging a path in the medical field, I’ve learned the power of self-advocacy and the importance of destigmatizing women’s health.

Welcome to my podcast where vulnerability meets education, where I share my struggles with bravery and perceived shamelessness in pursuing a profession cloaked in silence.

I am brave or I am shameless. That will one of the themes running through this show.

As your host of GynoGirl Presents: Sex, Drugs & Hormones, I invite you on a heartfelt exploration of the challenges and triumphs in retaining cultural identity while breaking new ground in healthcare.

Let’s create a space for candid conversations that empower and educate, crossing the complex intersection of culture, religion, and women’s well-being.

Together, we’ll discover how to navigate these waters and emerge as advocates for our own health, armed with knowledge and the confidence to use it.

Join me, as I share not just my narrative, but also the universal lessons we can all apply to our lives.

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