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Pioneering Progress: Dr. Sarah Cigna and the First OBGYN Fellowship in Sexual Medicine in the US

Pioneering Progress: Dr. Sarah Cigna and the First OBGYN Fellowship in Sexual Medicine in the US

We’re diving into a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of healthcare: sexual health education among OB-GYN residents.

Despite two-thirds of programs highlighting its significance, only a small fraction of residents feel adequately prepared to tackle sexual health issues. This glaring disparity in medical education demands exploration. That’s why I’m joined by Dr. Sarah Cigna, a leading figure in sexual medicine.

As an assistant professor and director of the nation’s inaugural Female Sexual Medicine Fellowship, Dr. Cigna sheds light on the imperative for comprehensive sexual health education within medical schools.

During our conversation, we examine the institutional hurdles within academia, such as administrative barriers and the need to stimulate demand for specialized care.

We also explore the founding of the sexual health and gender affirmation center, a facility providing services ranging from pain management to treatment for vulva and vaginal disorders, as well as gender affirmation care.

In the Washington, DC area, a collaborative approach to multidisciplinary care is unfolding, and both Dr. Rahman and Dr. Cigna stress the importance of such partnerships. As we navigate personal experiences and the broader landscape of sexual health education, our Dr. Cigna underscores the pressing need for standardized education, heightened physician awareness, and interdisciplinary collaboration within sexual medicine.

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