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Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy

The Final Menstrual Period (FMP) occurs on average for women around the age of 51 and is a retrospective diagnosis of 12 months without a menstrual cycle (amenorrhea) not caused by other pathologic reasons. The estrogen depletion and changes in the hormonal milieu can lead to a variety of symptoms for women that include but are not limited to :Hot Flashes/Vasomotor Symptoms Night Sweats Insomnia/Sleep disturbances Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause including urinary frequency, urgency, vaginal dryness, vaginal irritation and dyspareunia or pain with sex Mood Swings Cognitive impairments, including “brain fog”, difficulty concentrating and forgetfulness Weight gain or inability to lose weight Disruption of familial relationships or work relationships leading to social isolation Depression, anxiety, fatigue Skin changes, early wrinkling Dr.Rahman is a certified physician with the North American Menopause Society and can start a treatment plan based on your history and exam that will improve your quality of life and get you back to feeling new again!