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4th Trimester Care

The months following delivery of your baby can lead you feeling alone and sometimes helpless during a period of time that you had imagined to be full of joy. Adjusting to the new life can be difficult for all women and early intervention for all problems is essential. It is ok to have periods of ups and downs. Many busy OB/GYNs offices do not have the time to focus on women’s postpartum health. Dr. Rahman takes close care of women in the postpartum period and beyond ensuring they have attention to issues related to changes in their body and self-esteem, pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, contraception guidance, sexual pain from the lactation that many women experience, sexual pain from scarring in the vagina from repairs, low libido or desire, lack of sleep and insomnia, as well as mood disorders such as postpartum blues and postpartum depression. Reviewing the medical complications of pregnancy and the implications to future medical issues is also important. Schedule a visit with Dr. Rahman today to receive comprehensive 4th trimester care within the first 12 weeks!!!!