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Best Female Gynecologist Near Me Chicago, IL

When it comes to your gynecologic care, you deserve the very best. If you live in the Chicago area, you can find the best at Center for Gynecology and Cosmetics (CGC). We are proud to offer gynecologic and obstetric care for all women in an environment that is both confidential and welcoming. Our dedicated, highly trained staff is committed to ensuring your comfort and safety, in addition to providing you with the highest quality medical treatment available.

For women, seeing a gynecologist regularly is an important component of your overall health and well-being. Without effective gynecologic care, you are missing important screenings and information that are catered to your specific medical needs. At CGC Chicago, we believe that high quality female-centric medicine should be accessible to women of all ages and backgrounds, which is why we are so dedicated to providing individualized gynecologic and obstetric care to all women in the Chicago area.

At Center for Gynecology and Cosmetics in Chicago, we want to empower women to take control of their reproductive and sexual well-being, so they can lead healthy and productive lives. We know that discussing these topics can sometimes be sensitive, or even embarrassing, which is why we strive to create the most comfortable office environment possible. In addition to comprehensive medical services including support for new mothers and menopausal women, we also offer cosmetic treatments that can help you feel more confident every day.

Looking for the best female gynecologists in Chicago, IL and downtown Chicago area? Doctor Sameena is a board-certified gynecologist who offers a caring and friendly environment for her patients. She has a wide breadth of experience from sexual health issues to post-partum care. She has the expertise you want in a gynecologist, with the ability to diagnose and treat every one of your concerns, from answering your routine questions to providing guidance for serious medical conditions. She prides herself on offering individualized attention to each of her patients, in an environment that promotes openness and communication and where no concern is too small.

CGC Chicago encourages all women to receive an annual gynecologic exam. These yearly check-ups are an important part of your whole-body health, and it is important to make the time to see your gynecologist every year. Your annual exam can screen for issues such as cervical dysplasia and lumps in the breasts that can lead to cancer. At CGC Chicago, your long-term health is our priority, and we believe that an annual exam is the best way to prevent serious health problems, as well as an opportunity to check-in with your gynecologist about any questions you might have about your health, birth control, pregnancy, or other concerns.

If you are a woman living in the Chicago area, trust CGC and Dr. Rahman to provide you with the very best gynecologic and obstetric care available. Whether you are coming to us for a routine exam, post-partum care, or cosmetic services, you will always be treated with the kindness and respect you deserve while receiving the highest quality medical treatment available. Please call our office today to schedule your first appointment and start taking control of your sexual and reproductive health.

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