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Brown Girls and PCOS

I’ve mentioned before, I am the daughter of South Asian (includes Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka,Maldives, Bhutan and Bangladesh) immigrants and practice in downtown Chicago. I proudly treat all races, religions and ethnicities. We all know representation matters and so does cultural sensitivity. Much of...

Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause and Effective Treatments

Vaginal Atrophy- In the best sense the word "atrophy" means to waste away.  In our worst connotation it means to shrivel, deteriorate or become a vestigial during evolution. Dear Lord, is this what we want to think of the vagina for almost half the women...


Menopause Symptoms and Depression Awareness

Today I want to  discuss an important topic that many of my patients face or will inevitably face in their lifetime- Menopause. Brace yourself, because Menopause is coming! When I used to think about menopause, I thought about old age, sagging skin, dryness, and generally emotional time...