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Beyond Fear: Dr. Shieva Ghofrany’s Guide to Proactive Health

Beyond Fear: Dr. Shieva Ghofrany’s Guide to Proactive Health

Today we have another doctor and thriver on the show today.

Dr. Shieva Ghofrany who, brings a wealth of personal and professional experiences to her practice. Her journey, from battling ovarian cancer to navigating pregnancy and weight loss, fuels her commitment to women’s health advocacy. Beyond her medical practice, Dr. Ghofrany is a sought-after media expert, and over 56k followers on Instagram.  

We delve deep into the challenges and complexities of menopause care, surgical menopause, ovarian cancer and endometriosis. 

The conversation highlights personal health struggles, including misdiagnoses, the impacts of surgical menopause, and the journey through ovarian cancer. Dr. Ghofrany stresses the importance of patient advocacy, education, and empowering women to engage proactively with their healthcare.

From shocking systemic flaws to inspiring personal anecdotes, this episode is a powerful call to action for better understanding and treatment of women’s health issues.

Tune in to hear these expert voices share invaluable insights and stories about navigating the healthcare system, advocating for oneself, and the critical need for transparency and early detection in medical practice.

Remember, your health journey is uniquely yours, but you’re not alone on this path. Together, let’s continue learning, understanding, and advocating for better health practices.


– Dr. Ghofrany shares her personal battle with endometriosis and ovarian cancer, underscoring the complexities and the need for specialized surgical care.

-We discusse the nuances of diagnosing ovarian cancer and the alarming lack of early screening procedures.

– Both hosts explore the systemic issues in healthcare that affect the diagnosis and treatment processes, particularly highlighting the discrepancies in care and outcomes for Black patients.

-Early Detection is Crucial: Recognize and act on symptoms early and advocate for necessary screening to avoid late-stage diagnoses. If something feels off push to get answers. 

-Seek Specialized Care: The importance of finding experienced surgeons and being confident in your healthcare provider cannot be overstated.It’s not just about experience but do you actually like and feel comfortable with your provider?

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