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The worst pain they ever had! | The Creators of Lady Parts.

The worst pain they ever had! | The Creators of Lady Parts.

Do you ever wish that your sexual condition would be played out in a movie?

Well, that is exactly what our latest guests did. Welcome Bonnie Gross and Nancy Boyd to share their stories and explain why they created a feature film, Lady Parts.

Their film shines a light on crucial women’s health issues, particularly focusing on the challenges and misdiagnoses often encountered in female sexual medicine.

Bonnie and Nancy’s story underscores a significant theme discussed throughout the podcast: medical gaslighting and the dire need for healthcare professionals to take women’s pain seriously.

Turning frustration into action, Nancy and Bonnie faced significant challenges, including securing funding for a film centered on vaginal health—a topic often shrouded in stigma and shame.

I emphasize the importance of storytelling in medicine. By sharing real-life experiences through accessible media like film, there’s potential to transform patient care and professional understanding.

Lady Parts succeeds in doing just this, portraying not only the struggles associated with conditions like vulvodynia and vestibulectomies but also the healing processes and the vibrant communities that can arise from shared experiences.

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-Bonnie and Nancy share their personal Journey about pelvic pain and misdiagnoses. They don’t hold back on their experiences.

-The Art of Advocacy and Filmmaking: Discover how Bonnie and Nancy chose to self-produce this film to maintain the narrative’s authenticity and how they managed the challenges of funding and production.

– Educational Outreach: Understand the importance of spreading knowledge through cinema and education, advocating for better healthcare understanding among professionals and the public alike.

– Awareness is Empowerment: Greater knowledge about women’s health issues leads to better advocacy and care.

– Community and Support Are Crucial: The journey of health is not to be walked alone. Community, professional guidance, and personal advocacy play essential roles in navigating the complexities of healthcare.

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