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Gyno Girl Presents: Sex, Drugs & Hormones Trailer

Gyno Girl Presents: Sex, Drugs & Hormones Trailer

Are you ready to challenge the taboos of women’s health with unflinching honesty and a touch of rebellion? Join me, Dr. Sameena Rahman (Gynogirl), as we venture into the candid world of women’s health and confronting the stigmas head-on.

This is not your typical health podcast – here, I promise to intertwine heartfelt patient narratives with expert insights, peeling back the layers of conditions like sexual pain and menopause that too often go whispered behind closed doors or worse ignored. Come for the science, stay for the stories that will change the way you think about intimacy and health.

With a lineup of knowledgeable guests, we’re tearing down walls and building up understanding, one episode at a time. Whether it’s the battle with vulvar itching or the quest for understanding your hormone’s, we’re addressing it all, with special attention to the cultural complexities that shape our experiences.

By sharing these journeys, we aim to arm you with empowerment and knowledge, casting aside biases and lighting the path to personalized care. Let’s do this!

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00:00 - Speaker 1

Hey y'all, it's me, dr Sumina Ramon Gynaugurl. Guess what? I am starting a podcast. It's going to be called Gynaugurl Presents Sucks, drugs and Hormones, because we're going to talk about everything and anything that I treat, as well as find issues that are near and dear to my heart. I'm going to be asking the question that I always ask myself am I brave or am I shameless? Is this going to be something that you're brave about? This is a big moment for me, trying to be brave and coming into this podcast world, given my cultural background, but it's also it might be that I'm both. I'm both brave and shameless.


I am going to be doing this podcast. It's going to be a little different than some of my colleagues and friends in that I really want to bring in some great stories of either patients that I've treated or patients that are out there that want to tell their story a little bit. So we're going to talk about conditions, we're going to talk about scenarios and we're going to talk about how they've overcome it or, if they haven't overcome it, what the journey's been like Because I find that that is a big issue that comes up a lot is how devastating the journey can be for some patients who have either sexual pain or persistent general arousal disorder, or velvadenia or vestibuladenia, metapolize transitions, and how that affects their quality of life and sex life we're going to be talking about I'm going to try to get in some of the experts that I'm friends with and otherwise know to speak about some of these issues as well. You know, to try to get a little bit more destigmatized when it comes to some of these very sometimes shame filled topics that we're going to discuss. We're going to talk about how religion intersects because I am Muslim, like I said, and then I'm happy to take, you know, requests for people that actually start listening to my show and what do they think about it.


We're going to talk about everything that you might have experienced or you might experience. Is it vulvar itching? Is it the itch it can't scratch? Is it testosterone? Are we using hormones? Are we not using hormones? Should we use hormones? Are you a candidate for hormones? I mean, the list goes on and on.


We're going to try to touch base on everything. We're going to talk about the pathology, the physiology. We're going to talk about the stigmas associated with these topics. We're going to talk about the best treatment strategies. We know that most of what we do in women's health, menopause and sexual medicine is very individual based, and so our treatment strategies are based on the patients, their genetics, cultural upbringing. So we're going to delve into everything and it's going to be fun and, hopefully, beneficial. My goal has always been to empower and educate because, hey, you know what, when we do that, we don't have to continue to deal with the biases that we face. We are educated, we can overcome these and we can find the right help. You have questions and you're burning to find out about when it comes to sex, drugs, hormones, or you're just wondering, you know, am I brave or shameless? Let me figure this out. Let's go. Thanks, guys.