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4th Trimester Care in Chicago IL

Dr. Rahman specializes in breastfeeding support, postpartum blues and depression, sexual dysfunction after delivery, pelvic floor therapy and healing for mothers who are in their 4th trimester. Call (312) 651-6886 to schedule an appointment.

4th Trimester Care Doctors Near Me Chicago IL

While your pregnancy may end in the third trimester, the adjustments you will make in your life as a new parent are only beginning.  At CGC Chicago, Dr. Sameena Rahman offers comprehensive fourth trimester care that can help new mothers care not only for their babies, but for themselves.  It is easy to lose sight of how important your own well-being is when you are learning to take care of your newborn, but with the care and support of a compassionate physician like Dr. Rahman, you can learn to be a great parent while also prioritizing your self-care.

What is the 4th trimester?

The fourth trimester is considered to be the first 3 months or more after you deliver. While many new parents expect to be sleep deprived and head-over-heels for their new baby, there are many struggles that new mothers can face during this time.  It is important to remember that even if you are experiencing feelings you did not expect, that doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong.  For some women, the fourth trimester can include emotional turmoil or unexpected physical issues.  You deserve the support of a caring doctor who will help you care for your new baby and yourself at the same time.  One of the most important things to remember is to rely on your support system during this time.  Just as you created a birth plan for your delivery, sitting down before your baby is born to schedule time with helpful friends and family members for the 6 weeks following your due date can be helpful in relieving stress and ensuring you have time to take care of yourself as well as your baby.

What are “baby blues?”

While most of us expect to feel giddy with excitement and love after delivery, that is not always the case.  Approximately 80% of new mothers experience some feelings of sadness in the days following the birth of their baby.  Also called postpartum blues, the “baby blues” typically last about 2 weeks, and may not require ongoing care.  However, when these feelings last beyond this time period, they are categorized as postpartum depression and should necessitate an appointment with your doctor.  If you find yourself feeling moody, sad, or overwhelmed after your delivery, speaking with a doctor who understands the warning signs of more serious conditions can be helpful.  Dr. Rahman understands the needs of new mothers and will help you navigate your role as a parent while supporting your personal health and emotional well-being.

What is pelvic floor therapy and how can it help me?

Pelvic floor therapy is an incredibly useful method for strengthening the muscles of the pelvic region following vaginal delivery.  Your doctor can provide you with a detailed assessment of the condition of your muscles and develop strategies to slowly improve their tone and strength.  Pelvic floor therapy can not only address incontinence issues that arise after pregnancy and delivery, but may also help with sexual dysfunction.  Many women will experience changes in their sexual desire and orgasm following delivery.  Compassionate support from a medical professional can help you understand your options, learn what is considered normal, and take control of your sexual activity once your body is ready.

If you are looking for compassionate, comprehensive fourth trimester care in the Chicago area, contact CGC Chicago today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sameena Rahman and be sure to make time for yourself as well as your new baby.

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