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Gynecologist Near Chicago

Women have special healthcare needs throughout each stage of their lives. For instance, a woman could experience problems with her period or require STD testing. During pregnancy, routine care from a gynecologist is a necessity in order to promote a healthy, happy pregnancy and delivery. Once a lady enters menopause, the need for a gynecologist doesn’t stop. At the Center for Gynecology and Cosmetics, serving Chicago, IL and the surrounding area, Dr. Rahman provides women with the care they need at any age.

When Should You See a Gyno?

Generally, we recommend teenage girls visit our office once between the ages of 13 and 17 to discuss sexual intercourse, STDs, contraceptives, and more. We help young ladies understand the changes that happen to their bodies and address any concerns they have.

Once a woman reaches the age of 21, we advise her to visit our office annually for a Pap smear. If a woman has normal results, we may not test every year. However, we provide annual testing like breast and pelvic exams and can also supply STD testing.

A woman may visit our office for fertility advice or prenatal care once she becomes pregnant. Menopausal women may see our practitioner for help managing symptoms in addition to testing for breast cancer.

Dr. Rahman recommends women schedule an appointment with us anytime they have a problem with their reproductive health.

How Do I Choose a Good Gynecologist in the Chicago Area?

Your first step entails searching for gynecologists in the Chicago area who take your insurance. Next, compare your results based on reviews and the gynecologists’ backgrounds. You want a physician that’s easy to talk to, compassionate, and experienced. You want someone who has a reputation for providing quality care who has education from a well-recognized institution.

Do You Have to Get a Referral to See a Gynecologist?

Generally, you don’t need a referral from your primary care physician to see a gynecologist. However, you should contact your health insurance provider for specific requirements regarding your policy.

What Happens at Your First Visit to the Gynecologist?

Before you come into our office, you should devise a list of all of the questions you have about the health of your breasts and vaginal region as well as any questions you have about sexual intercourse.

When you come into our office, the first part of your exam begins with you talking to Dr. Rahman. You’ll discuss various aspects of your medical history. This portion of the evaluation helps determine the proper testing for your specific needs.

The next step of your appointment consists of the internal examination. You lie down on a table and place your feet into stirrups. Our physician will supply you with an internal exam to evaluate you for any abnormalities. Dr. Rahman also uses a speculum – an instrument to dilate your vagina. Then, she uses a medical cotton swab to collect a sample of the cells on your cervix, which she’ll test for abnormalities.

Additionally, our gynecologist performs an abdominal exam along with a manual breast exam.

Why Choose Dr. Rahman as Your Gynecologist?

She’s a board-certified gynecologist and obstetrician. Prior to opening her own practice, she treated patients in large academic settings. Dr. Rahman has a strong educational background from a well-respected educational facility. Additionally, she has compassion and always takes into consideration the needs of each patient individually.

Schedule an appointment for gynecological care with Dr. Rahman at the Center for Gynecology and Cosmetics, serving Chicago, IL and the general vicinity, by calling (312) 651-6886.

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