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Hymenoplasty Procedure in Chicago, IL

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Hymenoplasty Procedure Near Me in Chicago, IL

Hymenoplasty or Hymenorrhaphy or Hymen Reconstruction/Repair or Restoring your virginity, all applies to one surgical procedure of hymen restoration.

What is hymen: Hymen is a membrane present at the lower part of vagina, right above the vaginal opening. In Greek words Hymen means membrane and Raphe means repair. Intact hymen is thought to be a proof of virginity and lost only at first intercourse. Hymen can be of many shapes and sizes from birth. Some lack opening and require surgery to let the menstrual flow out. Some have a pinhole-opening, requiring surgery to achieve intercourse and pregnancy. Hymen can be broken not only at first intercourse, but also due to horse riding, strenuous sports activity, injury, accident and insertion of tampon.

Cultural /Social issues: In some cultures it is necessary for a newly wedded woman to have bleeding at first intercourse, being a proof of her virginity. Her honor, dignity and respect in her family and by her husband depends on this. They are vulnerable to torture or trauma, if she does not bleed at post- wedding intercourse.

Hymen reconstruction surgery: Hymenoplasty is done to recreate a new hymen and restore virginity. In most cases a new hymen can be created with a small opening like before that may break at intercourse and bleed. Virginity is a personal or cultural issue. In our office we can help women to regain their confidence, honor and dignity.

Procedure: In a majority of cases this is done in our affiliated surgical centers. In most cases sexual intercourse can be done in two to three weeks after surgery, in some requires to wait for six weeks. You can return to work the very next day after surgery.

Privacy: In our office we follow HIPPA policy. Your confidentiality is of utmost importance to us.

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