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Pap Smears & Cervical Cancer Screening in Chicago, IL

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Pap Smears & Cervical Cancer Screening Near Me in Chicago, IL

The Pap smear is a screening test where the cells of the cervix are evaluated for any abnormal, precancerous or cancerous changes. It is the leading reason that cervical cancer rates have diminished to low levels in the United States but unfortunately remain as a leading cause of mortality in women in developing countries where pap smears are not performed.

The screening recommendations have changed and Dr. Rahman will be able to discuss with you any changes in how frequently you will need to be tested based on your age and your pap smear history. HPV , the human papilloma virus, is a sexually transmitted disease that is associated with cervical cancer progression, particularly the high risk strands.

If your pap smear demonstrates an abnormal growth pattern, or dysplasia, you will need a colposcopy, which is a microscopic examination of the cervix that allows the gynecologist to inspect the surface of the cervix under magnification. Treatment is then determined by the extent and severity of the problem.

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