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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Women can suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction after having children leading to pelvic floor laxity without tone. Dr. Rahman works alongside pelvic floor therapist to help alleviate symptoms leading to stress urinary incontinence. Women with pelvic floor hypertonicity develop soreness or pain in their pelvic floor or vestibule that leads to pelvic pain and painful sex and vestibulodynia. The pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina, bladder and anus become tight and tender sometimes secondary to chronic pelvic pain or other conditions . With this tightness , the muscles do not have enough blood flowing through them resulting in less oxygen to the cells and an increase in lactic acid build up. This results in burning pain or soreness. Women with pelvic floor hypertonicity may suffer from constipation or hemorrhoids, urinary problems like frequency and pain or urgency, or lower back pain and hip pain.Dr. Rahman will work with you to develop a treatment plan that may include pelvic floor physical therapy, trigger point injections, vaginal suppositories such as valium, biofeedback, vaginal dilators or botulinum toxin to name a few!a